UK: East Anglia ONE Proposes Offshore Wind Farm Application

UK: East Anglia ONE Proposes Offshore Wind Farm Application

East Anglia ONE Limited, proposes to apply to the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) under section 37 of The Planning Act 2008 for the development consent order. The Application relates to the construction and operation of Phase 1 of an offshore wind generating station within the East Anglia zone of the North Sea.

The Project is 43.4km from the coast of Suffolk at its closest point to the land and covers an area of 200km2.

The proposed DCO will, amongst other things, authorise:

1. Offshore wind turbines and foundations (up to 325 wind turbines to provide an installed capacity of around 1200MW).

2. Scour protection around the foundations and on interarray and export cables if required.

3. Up to five offshore collector/converter stations with foundations.

4. Undersea cables between the wind turbines and offshore platforms.

5. Up to four offshore undersea export cables to transmit electricity from the offshore platforms to the shore.

6. A landfall site in the vicinity of Bawdsey, Suffolk, with onshore transition pits to connect the offshore and onshore cables.

7. Up to four onshore underground cables running for approx. 37km from the landfall at Bawdsey to the connection point near Bramford, Suffolk, with jointing pits to transmit electricity to a new onshore substation and up to eight underground cable ducts to accommodate the cables for phases 2 and 3 of the Project.

8. An onshore converter station adjacent to existing National Grid infrastructure near Bramford, Suffolk, to connect the offshore wind farm to the National Grid.

9. The permanent and/or temporary compulsory acquisition (if required) of land and/or rights for the Project.

10. Over-riding of easements and other rights over or affecting land for the Project.

11. The application and/or dis-application of legislation relevant to the Project including inter alia legislation relating to compulsory purchase.

12. Such ancillary, incidental and consequential provisions, permits or consents as are necessary and/or convenient.


Offshore WIND staff, July 13, 2012; Image: eastangliawind