UK: NORSEWiND Entering its Final Days

UK: NORSEWiND Entering its Final Days

Nautilus is now in the last 100 days of the 4 year NORSEWInD Project for which the company is running the Knowledge Management programme.

NORSEWInD is developing real-time high quality hub-height wind internet based atlases for the the offshore wind energy industry in the Baltic, Irish & North Seas. It is doing this by developing a suite of techniques to integrate physical wind measurement data from a network of LIDar (Light Detecting & Ranging) on offshore installations & uploading this data to satellite.

Nautilus Associates is the consortium member responsible for project Knowledge Management, i.e.; collating all new learnings developed by the 22 other participants in this ground breaking €7M (Incl €3.9M EC grant) pan Europe FP7 project.


Offshore WIND staff, April 11, 2012; Image: norsewind

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