UK: MayGen Hiring Turbine Array Engineers

UK: MayGen Hiring Turbine Array Engineers

MeyGen announce open roles for a Senior Turbine Array Engineer and a Turbine Array Engineer, for which candidates are sought.

Senior Turbine Array Engineer  will be responsible for optimising the turbine array for the MeyGen Project. The role includes fully characterising the tidal and wave environment at the MeyGen site and optimising the turbine array to minimise cost of energy in a phased build-out programme. Responsibilities will include leading the flow modelling activities; running ocean models using MIKE 21 HDFM by DHI; implementing tidal turbine numerical parameterisations; managing validation activities and optimisation work leading to reliable energy yield estimates.

The successful candidate will be actively involved in modelling work required for the optimisation of the project’s tidal turbine array layout. In particular this will involve development of 3D CFD models of individual turbines at turbine scale, 3D CFD models of turbines, and 2D unsteady models of the conditions at the site.

The role will also involve post-processing results primarily using Matlab and Excel and validation of models against site measurements and other data available.


Offshore WIND staff, April 06, 2012; Image: meygen


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