UK: Former Scientist Finds Nuclear Energy Cheaper than Offshore Wind

Sir David King, a former scientist, claims that nuclear energy is a cheaper option than offshore wind, reports Telegraph.

If the country wants to cut bad emissions, it will be forced to move heating and transport on to electricity. That means it should produce much more electricity than before.

Professor King said that huge turbines are too expensive to build and maintain.

He claims: “If we went all the way attempting to provide the energy we need with offshore wind, I believe the costs to the UK taxpayer would be simply phenomenal. They are extremely expensive to install and expensive to maintain.

Right now, the UK government is investing billions of pounds in wind industry, but according to professor King the prices of oil and gas are going to go up in future, and the country should seriously think about building a new fleet of nuclear power stations.

There are nine nuclear power stations in UK right now, and Mr. King’s opinion is there should be around 26 by 2050 to provide enough electricity.

Recently, four leading environmentalists warned about possible financial risks of nuclear new build, and that accelerating the number of nuclear plants is bad idea in general.


Offshore WIND  Staff, March 15, 2012

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