Lamprell Launches Fred. Olsen Windcarrier Brave Tern (UAE)

Lamprell Launches Fred. Olsen Windcarrier Brave Tern (UAE)

Lamprell, a leading provider of diversified engineering and contracting products and services to the onshore and offshore oil & gas and renewables industry, announces the successful launch of the Fred. Olsen Windcarrier Brave Tern, the first wind farm installation vessel of its size to be built in the region.

With a transport weight of 12,200 tonnes, this load out which took place yesterday, is also the heaviest vessel land move ever to take place in the Middle East and one of a few worldwide. At delivery, scheduled for Q2 of 2012, the Brave Tern will weigh 14,800 tonnes.

The Brave Tern, one of two vessels contracted to the Group in 2010, is a GustoMSC NG-9000 design self-elevating and self-propelled offshore wind turbine installation vessel with an overall length of 131.72 metres, deck area of around 3200 square metres, four 80 metre self-elevating legs and an 800 tonne ‘wrap around the leg’ crane at 24 metre outreach (102 metre over deck). The Brave Tern can accommodate up to 80 people.

Lamprell Launches Fred. Olsen Windcarrier Brave Tern (UAE)

Commenting on the event, Nigel McCue, Chief Executive Officer, Lamprell said:

“This milestone is significant to the Group as it once again demonstrates the quality of our project management in meeting key project milestones, which is of particular importance given that the Brave Tern is the largest wind farm installation vessel to be built and loaded out in the region. We also recognise the invaluable contribution provided by the project team of Fred. Olsen Windcarrier and we look forward to completing this project and the Bold Tern successfully.”

Commenting about the load out, Tor Erik Andreassen, Managing Director of Fred. Olsen Windcarrier said:

“Two years after signing the contract with Lamprell, the move of the first vessel from the construction site and into her natural wet environment is an important event marking a large step towards a successful delivery of our new build. I was thrilled to personally witness the breathtaking move of the vessel to the quayside. Lamprell is well on track to deliver the high class product we ordered.”


Offshore WIND staff, February 14, 2012; Image: windcarrier