Critical Group and Floating Power Plant Working on Poseidon (Denmark)

Critical Group Works on Poseidon with Floating Power Plant (Denmark)

Critical Software Technologies (UK), Critical Software (PT) and Critical Materials (PT) are working with Floating Power Plant to help the company adopt a proactive approach to monitoring the condition and structural health of its Poseidon off-shore plant.

Critical’s work on the Poseidon prototype, situated off the coast of Lolland in Denmark, will open up an unprecedented level of Integrated Condition Monitoring, ensuring that the facility can be operated efficiently and proactively, with minimal human intervention.

Poseidon is a concept for an integrated floating power plant that transforms wave and wind energy into electricity in-situ. The wave energy plant serves as a floating foundation for offshore wind turbines, thus creating a sustainable energy hybrid. A 37 metre wide offshore demonstration plant was launched in 2008 and a full scale Poseidon plant measures from 80 and up to 230 metres, depending on wave and wind conditions at the chosen location.

The new monitoring and command and control solutions, provided by Critical, will provide early alerts to the Poseidon team of any potential problems on the plant so they can be resolved before they cause any severe disruption or damage. Floating Power Plant and their clients will also benefit from this collaboration through advanced operations and maintenance planning, with a reduced through-life cost.

Alexander Hill, UK energy Business Development at Critical says, “So many renewable energy companies are wasting time and money by relying on sub-optimal technology to monitor and maintain the health of critical equipment and software. These systems tend to be reactive, alerting a team too late when millions of pounds-worth of damage has already been caused and systems have failed.

“Offshore equipment is constantly exposed to the natural elements and isn’t always easily accessible so needs to be monitored by sophisticated, proactive systems. Floating Power Plant’s development of this innovative plant gives us the opportunity to show that the production of green energy can be more efficient by introducing up to date remote structural and condition health data analysis software. Surely if green energy becomes cheaper to produce then more companies will start to realise its business potential?”

Operation, maintenance and survivability are key issues when working off-shore. It is essential for FPP that during our technology development we continuously focus on improving O&M. FPP has therefore chosen to collaborate with Critical on the third off-shore test phase, with the goal of developing and testing a more proactive O&M strategy, says CEO Anders Køhler of FPP.

Critical has developed significant experience in Condition Based Maintenance, Structural Health Monitoring and Command & Control applications through its extensive work in the Aerospace and Energy industries with AgustaWestland and Energias de Portugal.


Offshore WIND staff, November 16, 2011; Image: floatingpowerplant