Companies to Share Experiences in Offshore Renewable (UK)

Companies developing marine renewable energy are to gather in Battleby near Perth (Thursday 3 November) – not in conflict but in collaboration to share ideas and experiences relating to off shore wind, wave and tidal energy development.

Hosted by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and Marine Scotland, the event, is part of SNH’s Sharing Good Practice programme.

The two organisations will share with delegates the research, guidance and best practice on offshore wind, wave and tidal energy that they have been involved in themselves over the past two years.

In particular these include good practice information on wildlife survey and monitoring requirements prior to consenting and installing devices.

There will be discussions about the various novel techniques and technologies being developed for this purpose.

This new area of work is crucial to ensuring that developments are well located so as to avoid impacts on sensitive species and habitats.

Brendan Turvey, renewable energy policy and advice manager with SNH, says: ‘Marine renewable energy is a rapidly growing sector in Scotland with tremendous potential and we’re confident Scotland can achieve its ambitious renewable energy targets.

 ‘Our role is to work with others to help balance the need to develop marine renewable energy with the importance of the marine environment. The challenge for us all is to ensure the right developments happen in the right places. And that’s what this event is all about.’

This intelligent initiative is to be welcomed in embedding best practice in responsible development in an environment simultaneously crucial in sustainably powering our future and in protecting our astonishingly rich marine biodiversity.


Source: snh, November 03, 2011