NC Could be First to Bring Offshore Wind Power to US


Advocates of off-shore wind say North Carolina’s steady off shore winds are an ideal transformative source of energy.

The green topic gathered a standing crowd during the Cape Fear Sierra Club and Oceana’s community forum on Wednesday night at UNCW.

Panelists included representatives from Apex Wind Energy and the North Carolina Off-Shore Coalition. All presented reasons why North Carolina needs to stop depending on fossil fuels to power our electricity.

One of the most important reasons they say is the amount of jobs an offshore wind farm will create. They estimate it can create more than 10,000 jobs in North Carolina and maintenance them in the state because of maintain and the supply-chain.

They say offshore wind energy is becoming more attractive as onshore energy is becoming more expensive.

Some in the audience voiced their concern about North Carolina’s wildlife and the possibility of birds flying into the spinning wheels of the windmills. However, advocates say they won’t know until a testing farm is built.

By Veronica Macias (wect)


Source: wect, October 07, 2011