Tidal Energy Expert to Outline Soulutions for Installation Challenges (UK)


Key industry tidal energy experts are set to map out their plans to deliver large scale installation projects for tidal energy devices at the 5th Annual International Tidal Energy Summit and Awards this November.

With demonstration tidal projects already producing energy in Europe, America and Asia and the first multi megawatt arrays in the pipeline from the Open Hydro, Hammerfest Strom and MeyGen, it is clear the industry is moving from strength to strength.

However, device developers who are not yet at the forefront of the industry now need to prove the commercial viability of their technology through large scale deployment. For the vast majority, this can only be done with a helping hand from the government, involvement from the end users (the utilities) or collaboration with large scale industrial outfits with large balance sheets. Therein lies the catch 22 – how do you attract investment to a technology that is not yet proven on a commercial scale?

Recent reports state that marine energy could be cost-competitive with onshore wind and nuclear power by 2025, but much like the offshore wind sector 10 years ago, the first projects need to be installed. The next 5 years are therefore critical for device developers to plan their installation strategies and get their turbines into the water, thereby proving both the technical and economic viability of their technology.

Key project developers including Tidal Generation Ltd, OpenHydro, Atlantis Resources Corporation, Marine Current Turbines, Hammerfest Strom and Voith Hydro Ocean

Current Technologies will be accompanied by key stakeholders as their outline their vision during a plenary session at the 5th Annual International Tidal Energy Summit this year in London on November 21st 23rd November.

With 400 industry professionals anticipated, the 5th International Tidal Energy Summit will focus heavily on delivering in depth presentations to address the major challenges the tidal sector faces.

Delegates are invited to attend sessions on:

  • Installation Challenges for commercial scale tidal arrays
  • Overcoming environmental obstacles in site assessments and permitting
  • Streamlining engineering solutions for marine energy deployment
  • Technological and site development innovations to achieve successful installations

When asked about the popularity of the event, organiser and Director of Tidal Today Jon Harman said, “The tidal energy sector is at a critical stage of pre-commercial development as companies refine their business plans to offer affordable electricity generation. We are proud that the International Tidal Energy Summit can act as a conduit to encourage stakeholder engagement and business development in this exciting industry.”

By Jon Harman (tidaltoday)


Source: tidaltoday, August 12, 2011; Image: expedia