Aquamarine Power USA Wins Grant to Gather Data on Wave Energy Potential Along Oregon’s Coast


Aquamarine Power USA has been awarded a $100,000 matching grant by the Oregon Wave Energy Trust (OWET) to gather data on the wave energy potential of the sea along Oregon’s coast.

The grant is for Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) installation. The ADCPs will measure the wave energy resource at a number of points along the coast. This is an essential first step in finding areas suitable for wave power projects. Our goal is to find a potential location for the installation of a demonstration array of three wave energy devices which we aim to install by 2016. We will match the grant with $100,000 of our own funds.

This follows the award of a $50,000 matching feasibility grant to Aquamarine Power USA by OWET in November 2010.

The two grants will support a study into the wave energy potential off the coast in the service areas of Central Lincoln People’s Utility District and Tillamook People’s Utility District.


Source: aquamarinepower, August 03, 2011;