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 HVDC and HVAC Submarine Power Cables: Supply Constraints, Demand Drivers, Technology Issues, Prominent Projects, Key Industry Players, and Global Market Forecasts

The high-voltage submarine cable market is, by all definitions, a niche market with few purchasers and even fewer manufacturers and installers. The demand for these products is rapidly moving beyond the traditional role slotted for high-voltage submarine cables, connecting islands to nearby national grids. The usage of high-voltage submarine cables for grid interconnections and connecting offshore wind farms to nearby landmasses is on the rise.

Only a handful of manufacturers in the world are capable of producing and installing high-voltage subsea power cables, and Pike Research’s analysis indicates that the limited supply chain for cables is not prepared to meet the increased demand that offshore renewable energy production and grid interconnection will place on the market. The constraints on the supply chain don’t stop with the manufacturers. The site engineering companies and cable-laying ships required are highly specialized and also in limited supply. As countries all over the world experience an increased need for advanced grid connections and renewable power, cable manufacturers will need to significantly increase their production capabilities to keep up with the steady demand growth in the years ahead.

This Pike Research report examines the market opportunity and demand dynamics for submarine HVDC and HVAC power cable projects around the world. The study analyzes the continuing expansion of such projects and the increased strain that this growing demand will place on the existing undersea transmission supply chain. Prominent projects and key industry players are profiled in depth, and market forecasts for each world region extend through 2020.

 Key Questions Addressed:

-What are the most common uses for high-voltage submarine power cables?

-Does the current supply chain for submarine power cables have the capacity to meet the demand for future projects?

-Which geographic regions will experiences the greatest demand for submarine power cables and what types of projects will they undertake?

-Which geographic areas have the highest capability to supply submarine power cables?

-What drives the demand for submarine power cable projects?

-What types of submarine cable technology will be the most prevalent in future projects?

-At what rate will the submarine power cable industry grow?

-Who are the key players in the submarine power cable market?

-What proposed projects will challenge the demand for submarine power cables?

-How many high-voltage submarine cables will be installed between 2011 and 2020?

 Who needs this report?

-Suppliers of submarine power cables

-Suppliers of power cable components

-Submarine power cables installers

-Utility companies considering the use of submarine power cables to expand their existing electrical grid

-Transmission system operators (TSO)

-Wind farm operators

Offshore industries interested in linking their operations to the onshore grid

-Renewable energy operators

-Energy grid operators

-Investors looking for renewable energy projects and market forecasts

 Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

1.1 High-Voltage Submarine Cable Market

1.2 The Technology of a Submarine Cable

1.3 Summary

2. Market Issues

2.1 Supply Overview

2.1.1 Construction and Deployment Supply Chain Survey and Design Cable Manufacture and Supply Raw Materials Cable Manufacturers Submarine Cable-Laying Ships Termination Equipment

2.1.2 Cost of Building a Cable Cost of Cables for Wind Farms Cost of Cables for Interconnectors

2.1.3 Regional Discussion of Current Cable Supply Europe Asia North America

2.1.4 Summary of Supply Chain and Challenges

2.2 Global Demand Drivers of High-Voltage Submarine Power Cables

2.2.1 Connecting Islands to Nearby National Power Grids

2.2.2 Connecting National Grids Geothermal Power Generation in Iceland, the Philippines, and Nevis European Union Supergrid Bi-Directional HVDC Cables

2.2.3 Connecting Wind Farms and Offshore Power Generation

2.2.4 Other Uses of High-Voltage Submarine Power Cables Power Supply to Offshore Facilities Umbilical Cables Under Lake and In-River Cables

2.2.5 Demand Drivers Broken Down by Specific Markets Europe Asia North America

2.2.6 Summary of Demand Drivers and Challenges

2.3 Subsea Power Cable Regulations and Policies

2.3.1 High Seas Regulation

2.3.2 National and Regional Organizations U.S. Regulations EU Regulations Cable Protection Committees

2.3.3 The Future of Regulations Regarding Submarine Power Transmission

3. Technology Issues

3.1 High-Voltage Submarine Technology Overview

3.1.1 Development of Transmission Technology HVDC Technology and Advantages HVDC Light and Plus Technology and Advantages HVAC Technology and Advantages HVAC versus HVDC Cables

3.1.2 Technology Development and Progress of AC/DC Rectifiers Mercury Arc Valves Thyristor Converters

3.1.3 Types of Submarine Cable Used Mass-Impregnated Cables Self-Contained Fluid-Filled Cables Extruded Insulation Cables

3.1.4 Installation of Cables and Connection to Main Power Grids Equipment and Technologies Used to Install Cables Cable Landing and Connection to Power Grids

3.2 Challenges and Developments on the Horizon

3.2.1 Prevalence of Certain Technologies in Current Projects

3.2.2 Future Developments in Submarine Electric Cable Technology

4. Key Industry Players

4.1 Cable and Equipment Manufacturers

4.1.1 ABB

4.1.2 Borealis

4.1.3 JDR Cables

4.1.4 LS Cable & System

4.1.5 Nexans

4.1.6 nkt cables

4.1.7 NSW

4.1.8 Prysmian

4.1.9 Siemens

4.1.10 ZTT

4.2 Cable Installation

4.2.1 Beluga Shipping

4.2.2 Global Marine Systems

4.2.3 S.B. Submarine Systems Co. Ltd. (SBSS)

4.3 Power and Utility Companies

4.3.1 China Southern Power Grid (CSG)

4.3.2 DONG Energy


4.3.4 RWE

4.3.5 Statnett

4.3.6 TenneT

4.3.7 Terna

4.3.8 Vattenfall

4.4 Notable High-Voltage Submarine Cable Projects

4.4.1 Anholt Wind Farm

4.4.2 Atlantic Array

4.4.3 Atlantic Wind Connection

4.4.4 Basslink Interconnector

4.4.5 BorWin1

4.4.6 BritNed

4.4.7 Caribbean Interconnect Project

4.4.8 Champlain Hudson Power Express

4.4.9 COBRAcable

4.4.10 Desertec

4.4.11 Doha Bay, Qatar

4.4.12 Fenno-Skan 2

4.4.13 Fundy Tidal Project

4.4.14 Green Pacific Highway

4.4.15 Gwynt y Môr (“Wind in the Sea”)

4.4.16 Horns Rev 2

4.4.17 Interisland Wind & Cable, Hawaii

4.4.18 Kriegers Flak

4.4.19 London Array Wind Farm

4.4.20 NordBalt

4.4.21 NorNed

4.4.22 Rómulo (Conexion Mediterranea Transporte Alta – COMETA)

4.4.23 Samsø Offshore Wind Farm (Paludans Flak Offshore Wind Farm)

4.4.24 SAPEI

4.4.25 Skagerrak 4

4.4.26 Troll A Offshore

4.4.27 U.K.-Iceland

4.4.28 Wave Hub

5. Market Forecasts

5.1 Supply Market Forecast Summary

5.2 Demand Market Forecast Summary

5.3 Regional Supply and Demand Projections

5.3.1 Europe Europe Supply Forecast Europe Demand Forecast The Future of the European Market

5.3.2 Asia Asia Supply Forecast Asia Demand Forecast The Future of the Asian Market

5.3.3 North America North America Supply Forecast North America Demand Forecast The Future of the North American Market

5.4 Challenges for the Future of High-Voltage Submarine Cables

5.4.1 Supply and Demand Market Challenges

5.4.2 Technology and Policy Challenges

6. Company Directory

7. Acronym and Abbreviation List

8. Table of Contents

9. Table of Charts and Figures

10. Scope of Study, Sources and Methodology, Notes

 List of Charts and Figures

High-Voltage Submarine Cables to Be Deployed by Region: 2015-2020

Deployment of HVDC vs. HVAC Cables, World Markets: 2000-2015

Construction and Deployment Cost of High-Voltage Submarine Cable: 2000-2015

High-Voltage Submarine Cables Deployed, Europe: 2000-2011

High-Voltage Submarine Cables Deployed, Asia: 2000-2011

High-Voltage Submarine Cables Deployed, North America: 2000-2011

High-Voltage Submarine Cable Technology Deployments, World Markets: 2011

Deployment of HVDC vs. HVAC Cables, World Markets: 2000-2015

Cables Deployed by Project Type and Technology, World Markets: 2000-2015

High-Voltage Submarine Cable Deployments, World Markets: 2000-2015

High-Voltage Submarine Cable New Project Demand, World Markets: 2000-2015

High-Voltage Submarine Cable Deployments, Europe: 2000-2015

High-Voltage Submarine Cable Deployments, Europe: 2015-2020

High-Voltage Submarine Cable Deployments, Asia: 2000-2015

Diagram of HVDC Cable System

Cable-Laying Ship, Nexans’ Skagerrak

Shoreham, N.Y. HVDC Light Converter Station

Nevis Geothermal Power Plant

Submarine Cable Implementation and EU Supergrid, Proposed

Wind Turbine Cable Installation Schematic, Horns Rev 2

Wind Turbines Installed in the North Sea

Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm and Oil Platform

Umbilical Cables Connecting to Transmission Station, Horns Rev 2 Wind Farm

Ocean Jurisdictions by Distance from Shore

Diagram of HVDC Light Converter Station

Mercury Arc Rectifiers

Thyristor Rectifiers

Cross-Section of XLPE Submarine Power Cable

Cable-Laying Barge ATM Discoverer at Rhyl Flats Wind Farm

Prysmian’s Giulio Verne Cable-Laying Ship

Submarine Power Cable Tow-Plough

Cable Jetting SmartJet Hydraulic Plough ROV

Cable Landing and Burial Operations, SAPEI Cable

Nexans’ Skagerrak Transports Cable from Halden, Norway Plant

Picture of Cable-Laying Ship – Global Marine Systems’ C.S. Sovereign

SBSS’ Fu Xing Cable-Laying Barge

Map of Anholt Wind Farm

Map of Atlantic Array Wind Farm

Map of Atlantic Wind Connection

Map of Basslink Interconnector

Map of BritNed

Map of Caribbean Interconnect

Map of Champlain Hudson Power Express

Map of COBRAcable

Map of Desertec

Map of Fenno-Skan 2

Map of Fundy Tidal Project

Map of Gwynt y Môr

Map of Horns Rev 2

Map of Interisland Wind & Cable

Map of Kriegers Flak

Map of London Array

Map of NordBalt

Picture of Samsø Wind Farm

Map of SAPEI

Map of Skagerrak 4

Picture of Troll A Offshore Platform

Map of Wave Hub

Diagram of Wave Hub Facilities

List of Tables

Deployed and Active High-Voltage Submarine Cables, Europe: 1977-2011

Deployed and Active High-Voltage Submarine Cables, Asia: 1965-2011

Deployed and Active High-Voltage Submarine Cables, North America: 1977-2011

Submarine Transmission Technology by Project Status and Region

Cable Deployment CAGR by Region: 2000-2015

Proposed High-Voltage Submarine Cables by Project Type, Europe: 2011-2020

Proposed High-Voltage Submarine Cables by Project Type, Asia: 2011-2020

Proposed High-Voltage Submarine Cables by Project Type, North America: 2011-2020

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