RENEWABLE ENERGY 21XX Exhibition Goes Online (Germany)

EXPO21XX opens RENEWABLE ENERGY 21XX, first exhibition for renewable energy on the internet.

The strongest wind turbine, the biggest solar power plant on a roof top and the leading renewable energy research projects! All this can be found on RENEWABLE ENERGY 21XX, the most comprehensive online trade fair for renewable energies recently launched by EXPO21XX. As one of the first industrial nations Germany just committed itself to move from nuclear energy and fossil fuels to renewable energies which is growing rapidly and gaining global importance.

This marks a turning point in the future production of energy and will be an example for other industry nations in the world. With this online exhibition platform, EXPO21XX makes available the necessary tools needed for a fast and efficient global marketing and distribution of technology in this field. For the first time RENEWABLE ENERGY 21XX brings together all companies on one single platform whose products evolve around the production of renewable energy systems. From wind, solar, geothermal, hydropower and bioenergy, every renewable energy type has its own sector where the international exhibitors can display their technologies and innovations.

“We are at the threshold of a new era. It has been proved that the current energy resources are finite, which makes renewable energy the model for future energy production. We hope in the long run that RENEWABLE ENERGY 21XX not only establishes itself as a main actor in online renewable energy exhibitions, but also meets the needs of this rapidly growing industry by offering the entire global energy industry a single marketplace to interact.” as EXPO21XX’s CEO Markus Baumgartner illustrates. In addition to the 46 exhibition halls, RENEWABLE ENERGY 21XX offers universities and other research facilities a platform to present their current projects.

According to Dr. Seth Quartey, project manager for research, “The academic research is growing rapidly in this field. Therefore we think it is extremely important to make a forum available, where the industry, universities and research institutes can connect and enter into a dialogue.” Among the many highlights is the “Offshore Wind Turbines” hall, where the most powerful wind turbine in the world is displayed. This turbine generates energy bordering on 7 megawatts, thus making it particularly suitable for harsh offshore areas such as the North Sea (wind Class S). More than 21.000qm in size, with a rotor diameter of 164 meters, and a blade length of 80m (8 times as long as an English bus), the turbine has become the object of reference for offshore wind farms, ultimately demonstrating the enormous progress that has been made in renewable energy production.

Displaying and sharing the manifold possibilities of this generation of renewable energy worldwide is the second goal for opening RENEWABNLE ENERGY 21XX. CDO of EXPO21XX Haris Avgoustinos adds: “We naturally want to make our contribution to climate protection. This generation of energy systems will only be environmentally friendly and better in the long term, when people from the North Pole to Cape Town get to participate in this new technology”.

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Source: enviralment,July 21, 2011;