Assystem and Atkins Join Forces to Meet Offshore Wind Opportunities in France


Assystem announced that the company is teaming up with Atkins to address the increasing offshore wind market in France.

The French government has put in place a significant investment plan for offshore wind infrastructures in order to develop offshore wind energy production and create a French industry based on this business. Together, Assystem and Atkins bring unrivalled engineering capabilities to meet this challenge.

France has launched a 20 billion euro plan to develop renewables with particular focus on accelerating the development of offshore wind, wave and tidal energy production. Targets are to produce a 6,000 MW power base by 2020, which corresponds to 1,200 wind turbines and should provide 3.5% of the French electricity consumption to fulfil the Grenelle commitments.

Such a program requires highly specific engineering skills and experience in handling complex infrastructures, energy production and distribution as well as environmental constraints. Services provided by Assystem, with the support of Atkins, include concept and detailed engineering design as well as owner’s engineer services and Consortium management.

Assystem brings 40 years’ experience in complex infrastructure engineering and in maintenance strategy, coupled with a strong safety culture and energy experience, as well as local business knowledge. In addition, Atkins brings a robust track record in offshore wind infrastructures design and engineering services. Both companies have been partnering on several other major projects including owner’s engineering services for the ITER buildings. They recently formed a joint-venture in nuclear engineering, n.triple.a, to deliver projects overseas.

“Assystem has a know-how in renewables and large scale project developments that the company is happy to provide and further develop,” commented Stéphane Aubarbier, member of the Assystem Management Board. “Our relationship with Atkins has grown so well that we trust our joint capability to help France reach her renewables’ targets.”

Managing director for Energy at Atkins, Martin Grant, said: “We are looking forward to sharing the expertise that we have gained working in the UK wind sector to help successfully deliver infrastructure for the accelerated development of the offshore wind industry in France.”

Assystem is organizing a half-day seminar in Paris on July 6, 2011 to discuss challenges in investing and supporting offshore wind farms, while Atkins will share its expertise and experience working in the marine environment for the offshore wind industry.


Source: assystem, June 27, 2011