GL Garrad Hassan Enhances Online Data Management Service (USA)


Working with wind means rapidly changing conditions and equipment pushed to its limits. Real time alerts based on continuous data monitoring and testing, matters wind park operators are ready to change with them.

The updated version of GL Garrad Hassan’s Online Data Management (ODM) service builds on the ODM service released by the consultancy in 2010. The addition of a new client support tool and enhanced alerting system provides operators, investors and developers project developers with a highly responsive and detailed monitoring service.

The enhanced ODM alerting system continually monitors automated data processing and tests for inconsistencies, errors, missing and corrupt data, so any issues with the equipment can be immediately identified and resolved.

During the course of a renewable energy project’s measurement program GL Garrad Hassan’s energy experts build an instantly accessible database of quality-checked measurement data. Continual monitoring and recording, means that clients have comprehensive and valuable data that can be used in formal, bankable energy assessments.

The enhancements give ODM users improved centralized visibility of all issues and communication associated with their various measurements, as well as a full history of support cases. Having a comprehensive overview of the status of all of monitoring systems enables ODM users to schedule maintenance and repair programs to obtain maximum value and benefit from the site data.


Source: gl-group, May 24, 2011