EWEA 2011 Comes to an End (Belgium)

With over 8,500 participants, the EWEA 2011 Annual Event is “officially the biggest ever”, EWEA Chief Executive Christian Kjaer announced last night at the conference dinner, held at the impressive ‘Tour et Taxis’ venue.

With the event due to draw to a close later today, I went to have a walk around the exhibition to soak up the atmosphere this morning.

Although Thursday is the quietest day of the Event, there still seemed to be plenty of business going on as I wandered past the array of stands. And although I’ve been writing about the size of the halls for a while now, the reality of the “13,000m2 of floor space” only hits when you spend over ten minutes getting from one end to the other.

The atmosphere amongst the exhibitors was generally very positive. All those I spoke to had managed to make good contacts and do lots of business. Tuesday and Wednesday had been the busiest and best days for the salespeople.

“It’s been a great event, very well organised and we’ve made lots of interesting contacts. EWEA events are some of the best!” said Iwona Gieldowska from Acciona.

“Our salespeople have said it’s been useful and that all the major contacts were here,” commented Frank Ladwig from Vestas.

“Altogether we’re happy – Tuesday and Wednesday were particularly good days”, said Christian Meyer from Enercon.

The EWEA 2012 Annual Event will take place in Copenhagen, coinciding with the Danish EU Presidency. It will be held at the Bella Center and run from Monday 16 – Thursday 19 April.

By Sarah Azau (ewea)


Source: ewea, March 22, 2011