AMBAU GmbH Receives Major Order for Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations (Germany)

AMBAU GmbH has received its first complete order for offshore foundations. This is the largest individual order in the history of the company.

Bremen: With AMBAU GmbH having already demonstrated its expertise as a supplier of main components for the foundations of the projects Global Tech 1 and Borkum West, the company has now received the largest single order for offshore foundation structures in the history of the company.

AMBAU GmbH is set to produce 80 sets of monopiles and transition pieces for the offshore wind parks Meerwind Süd and Meerwind Ost for Bremerhaven-based WindMW GmbH. 80 offshore wind energy units of the 3.6 MW class are planned for a site 23 km north of the island of Helgoland in the North Sea, from where they will supply 360,000 households with electricity.

“This order is a major step for us, a milestone in our company’s history. We are looking forward to working together with WindMW GmbH,” says Joachim Görlitz, Managing Partner of AMBAU GmbH.

The foundation structures will be produced at all five AMBAU plants, with work commencing on 01 November 2011. Final assembly, intermediate storage and loading will take place in Cuxhaven.

WindMW GmbH is a joint venture of the Blackstone Group and Windland Energieerzeugungs GmbH.

With work beginning at the end of 2012 and commissioning at the end of 2013, Meerwind Süd/Ost will be the first German offshore wind park to be built and operated by a private investor.




Source: ambau-gmbh, March 08, 2011