Seajacks Zaratan Construction Summary (UK)

In February 2010 Seajacks entered into a contract with GustoMSC to provide the Basic Design Package for two purpose built wind farm installation vessels.


In June 2010 Seajacks entered into a contract with Lamprell shipyard to build these new vessels and Seajacks will take delivery of the first new-build, Seajacks Zaratan, in May 2012, and the additional new-build shortly thereafter.


These self-propelled jack-ups have been designed specifically to service the wind farm installation market in the harsh operating environment of the North Sea, as well as to provide services to the oil and gas industry. The vessels will be a modified version of the MSC NG5500 design, which incorporates a fully redundant DP2 propulsion system, accommodations for 90 persons, and an 800T leg encircling crane designed by MSC.

The construction of the new Seajacks Liftboat, the Seajacks Zaratan, is progressing ahead of schedule.


As of the 18th February, actual progress is 5.84% against planned progress of 5.64%.


* Double bottom blocks 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 are fully assembled, fully welded and installed on keel blocks at the grand assembly area.

* Double bottom block 10 is positioned on the Keel Blocks & fitting to block 9 is in progress.

* Wing tank blocks 17 + 18 are assembled. Final fit-up is in progress prior to welding.

* Wing tank blocks 15 + 16 are being assembled on the fabrication pad.

* Main deck blocks 31 & 32 bulkhead panels have been fitted onto the double bottom sections at the grand assembly area.

* Panels for blocks 14, 21, 22 & 32 are under construction.

* Profiles for blocks 4 & 13 have been cut on the CNC machine.




* Leg no. 1 : first section has been rolled, fitted & the seam has been welded.

* Another three sections have been rolled & fitting has been approved.

* Welding of the seams is now in progress.

* Three further sections have been rolled & fitting alignment of the seam is in progress.


Spud Cans:


* No.1 spud can – centre pillar has been welded & assembled onto the bottom plate. Fitting of the centre pillar, lower internal bulkheads & the bottom plate sections is in progress.


Numbers 2, 3 & 4 spud cans – fabrication & welding of centre pillars, internal lower bulkheads & fitting of bottom plate sections are in progress.




Source: seajacks, February 28, 2011