Vestas’ Sustainability Figures Now Available Online (Denmark)

A new site under will disclose the naked figures, making the company more transparent.

Follow the electricity usage for Vestas Blades. Or, maybe view the development in Energy Consumption for Vestas in Spain.

To help improve performance in sustainability, Vestas is opening up by letting the entire world follow its progress towards becoming a more sustainable company.

Now you can see how any part of Vestas is doing when it comes to sustainability. Data from each country is accessible via interactive curves and figures on

“First and foremost, we as a company have an obligation to constantly improve our performance in sustainability matters,” Reporting Manager Klaus Rønde, Sustainability, says of the background.

“When we make it easier to understand and access our numbers, we are likely to have more people outside Vestas following us. Secondly, I feel confident that this level of detail will make more employees and managers take ownership and consciously help Vestas become more and more sustainable.”

“We used to publish 40 PDFs containing 4 pages full of figures for each factory and larger sales units every year. With this new way of presenting our ongoing performance numbers we strive to broaden the audience significantly. I’m sure this will help not only analysts but also journalists, shareholders, customers, employees, or perhaps even students, understand Vestas better.”

The ‘new’ figures can be viewed in various ways depending on what you want to dive into or what locations you need to compare. And, there is a plan to expand the functionality of the site and increase the amount of different data you can follow.

The next step for the project is to include more of Vestas’ sustainability data, as well as targets. As it is right now, it is possible to follow and compare energy and water consumption, waste and CO2 emission, as well as injuries and headcount.

“This is a tool that will help factories, Business Units and others observe and illustrate if immediate performance is on target. It will also help link our numbers and improve awareness and understanding even more.”



Source: vestas, January 14, 2011