Berg Propulsion Scores Contract With Nostag Gmbh (Sweden)

Continuing rising demand for sustainable wind-based energy plants in the North Sea has led Nostag Gmbh to contract Berg Propulsion to upgrade its cable layer, Nostag 10, by equipping the vessel with two azimuthing thrusters.

Nostag, a consortium comprised of German companies Ludwig Freytag, Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke GmbH and Tiefbau GmbH Unterweser, has been operating the 92m long Nostag 10 since 2009 as a non-propelled barge, designed to lay cables mainly for offshore wind parks and also to supply island communities with high voltage cables.

With the increasing number of wind park projects in the North Sea, Nostag has decided that the vessel should be converted to provide self-propelled capabilities, to meet the requirement for greater manoeuvrability when carrying out such tasks.

Berg’s package of supply includes two BAT 316 FP type azimuthing thrusters, electric motors and frequency converters. The azimuthing thrusters will be installed on Nostag 10 by Berg engineers during drydocking at a German shipyard next year.

According to Markus Trautmann, General Manager, Berg Propulsion, Germany, “This contract highlights our ability to deliver a complete propulsion package. Nostag selected Berg as a partner mainly because we can deliver comprehensive turnkey solutions, including the electric motor and frequency drive.”

Berg is optimistic that this is just the first of several similar contracts to equip cable layers for offshore wind park projects. The North Sea is a demanding environment for cable layers and the company believes it is well placed to meet the requirements of operators in this particular market. Mr Trautmann adds, “Our products are designed for heavy-duty and continuous operations, and are well suited for the operational profile of Nostag 10 in the North Sea.”


Source: bergpropulsion, December 09, 2010