New Offshore Strategy From Partnership Megavind (Denmark)

In May 2006, the Danish Government presented a report on promoting environmentally effective technology and established a number of innovative partnerships. The partnerships intend to strengthen public-private cooperation between the state, industry, universities and venture capital to accelerate innovation for a number of green technologies. The partnership for wind energy is called Megavind.

Megavind’s vision is to maintain Denmark as a globally leading hub in wind power. The following partners represent the sector:

• Vestas Wind Systems A/S

• Siemens Wind Power A/S

• DONG Energy

• Grontmij I Carl Bro

• The Technical University of Denmark

• Risø DTU – National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy

• Aalborg University

• (observer)

• Danish Energy Agency (observer)

Megavind’s strategy for offshore wind describes the offshore challenges and suggests research, development and demonstration (RD&D) priorities to enable offshore wind power become to competitive with other energy technologies. The strategy lists key recommendations as well as key thematic priorities and for each of these a number of RD&D priorities. Under each thematic priority references are made to the European Strategic Energy Technology plan (SET-plan), which prioritises offshore wind RD&D in Europe.

The strategy content and recommendations are based on inputs from a long list of Da-nish offshore players both from industry and research organisations.

The Danish Wind Industry Association functions as secretariat for Megavind and Risø DTU has co-authored the strategy.


Source: windpower, December 06, 2010