12th Wind Energy Forum – „The RES Act – Change of Rules?”

The leading subject of the twelfth edition of the WEF will be the draft new Renewable Energy Sources Act – the most important legal act shaping the RES market in Poland.

The Forum will be attended by representatives of Ministry of Economy authorities having actual influence on the act that will be presented to public consultations and parliamentary works.

The new Act is to include the necessary legal required by Directive 28/EC/2009. It should be adopted as soon as possible, for the deadline for implementation of the Directive in the legal systems of all Member States expires on 5 December 2010. To date RES issues were regulated in the Energy Law. The new Act should establish a framework to clarify and regulate all ambiguous areas of the law applicable to RES and, first of all, it should help in fulfilling our RES targets, laid down in the provisions of Directive 2009/28/EC.

The Forum will allow for acquainting participants with the main assumptions to the new Act, in particular to the changes concerning the support scheme for renewable energy sources. It will also analyse the new draft of the National Renewable Energy Action Plan, disclosed by Ministry of Economy in the Middle of November. The NREAP is the second key document in the context of Directive 2009/28/EC, specifying the trajectory leading to the 15% share of renewable energy in final energy consumption in 2020.

We hope that the solutions developed together with Forum participants will be included by the Ministry of Economy in the final provisions of the RES Act.

The Wind Energy Forum has been established in June 2002 to consolidate the wind power industry. From the very beginning it constitutes a platform for exchange of opinions between wind energy market participants and representatives of legislative and executive authorities as well as other institutions responsible for the development of the RES market in Poland. The Forum meetings, attracting a significant attention, are to present current progress of works on legislative acts and articulate problems faced by representatives of the renewable energy industry. The attractiveness and relevance of proposed subjects proves our rapid response to changes occurring on the energy market.

The Forum meetings are perceived by its participants as the place in Poland where positions of parties to the discussion could be presented and developed. More importantly, conclusions from the meetings were taken into account by Ministry for Economy and Ministry for the Environment, for instance during consultation of draft legal acts.

The previous edition of the Forum attracted more than 250 participants. We are convinced that this time there will be a lot of attendees.

Furthermore, the Forum is an opportunity to establish new business contacts, to advertise your companies and to meet key wind energy market players.


Source: pwea, November 25, 2010