Infineon and Goldwind Sign a License Agreement on IGBT Stack Technology to Serve the Wind Power Market (Germany)

Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) and Xinjiang Goldwind Science and Technology Co., Ltd., the Chinese leader in R&D and manufacturing of wind power equipments, today signed a license agreement for core components needed in manufacturing of wind turbines.

According to the agreement, Goldwind gains the license to produce Infineon IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) stacks used in converters of MW (Megawatt)-grade wind turbines. Furthermore, Infineon will supply IGBT stacks to Goldwind. IGBTs are power semiconductors which enable the efficient conversion of the variable frequency output from the generator to a fixed frequency appropriate for the grid in the region concerned.

“Introduction of the technology and the subsequent in-house production will effectively secure supply of the core converter component, deliver larger cost effectiveness and strengthen the in-house converter development. This will enhance competitiveness of our products,” said Wu Gang, board chairman of Goldwind, at today’s signing ceremony. “From this partnership, we can learn from sophisticated process technologies and quality control experience from Infineon, which is expected to contribute to improvement of our production management and control.”

“Goldwind’s decision is a great confirmation for our leading IGBT technology providing best-in-class energy efficiency, high reliability and robustness,” said Arunjai Mittal, Division President of the Industrial & Multimarket Division at Infineon Technologies. “Power semiconductors are vital components used in energy generation, energy distribution and energy conversion applications.”

Infineon further plans to set up an application engineering centre in Beijing. As wind turbines evolve toward higher capacity and grid friendliness, full-power converters has become one of the most critical elements of PMDD (Permanent Magnet Direct Drive) wind turbines, for example those manufactured by Goldwind. Infineon has been supplying IGBT stacks to converters developed and manufactured by Goldwind since 2007. From their first installed base at Beijing Guanting Reservoir in July 2009, Goldwind converters featuring Infineon IGBT stacks have delivered an availability of over 99 percent and survived several tests under extreme conditions.

With outstanding quality and performance, Infineon stacks have become Goldwind’s first choice for its in-house developed converters produced in volume. Goldwind deems it the right time to introduce the Infineon technology as it has gained abundant experience in development of converters over recent years and its new facility in Beijing will shortly be on stream. Having applied the IGBT stacks in its 1.5MW wind turbines, Goldwind plans to extend it to its 2.5MW and further to 3.0MW units now under volume production and further to 6MW offshore models now under development after the local ramp-up. As scheduled, Goldwind will deliver its first 6MW prototype in mid 2012.


Source: infineon, November 23, 2010