Vestas and SGERI finish study about integration wind turbines into Chines grid

The State Grid Energy Research Institute (SGERI, the main Chinese research centre in the electricity sector) and Danish-based Vestas have completed the first part of a significant study aiming at exploring the best strategies for a large-scale integration of wind power into the electricity grid of the large Asian country. More generally, the study aims at exploring the most suitable solutions, under an economic and a technological viewpoint, for a large-scale integration of diffused renewable generation into the Chinese energy system.

Currently China is the country with the fastest growing wind market in the world. In 2009 it added further 13,000 MW to its installed capacity, and it is poised to reach the overall target of 120,000 MW installed by 2020.

Considering this scenario, it is essential to plan a sustainable development of this sector and to adjust the electric grid to the necessity of absorbing power generated from wind farms.

The study includes three different activities: it assesses international experiences regarding integration between wind growth and electricity grid; it analyses the available technological solutions; finally, it proposes an integrated strategy aimed at promoting wind energy in China and developing the electricity grid.

According to Vestas the whole study, which began in February, will be completed by December of this year.



Source: enelgreenpower, August 16, 2010;