All 100 turbines installed at world’s largest offshore wind farm (UK)

Vattenfall reached an important construction milestone this weekend, when the 100th, and final, turbine was installed at Thanet Offshore Wind Farm, the world’s largest offshore wind farm, which has been under construction since 2008 and is due to be finished in early autumn 2010.

The installation of the final wind turbine at Thanet Offshore Wind Farm is a milestone for Vattenfall and the world’s offshore wind industry, as pointed out by David Hodkinson, Director, Head of Development at Vattenfall Wind Power in the UK.

”The experience Vattenfall has gained on Thanet is contributing to our drive to make our future offshore wind projects safer and more cost effective to install and operate, both of which are needed to establish the sector as a major source of low carbon electricity and jobs,” he said.

He thanked the hundreds of people whose skill and hard work have led to this achievement. He also thanked Thanet District Council, institutions like Thanet College, and all the people in the Isle of Thanet, for their support in building the world’s largest offshore wind farm.

The connection of Thanet’s 300 MW of capacity in 2010 will boost UK offshore wind capacity by more than 30% and will produce on average enough electricity to supply more than 200,000 homes with clean electricity.

Thanet Offshore Wind Farm, located 12 kilometres off the Kent coast, is made up of 100 Vestas 3 MW, V90 wind turbines and will have a total capacity of 300 MW when fully operational. The wind farm will be located in water depths of 20-25 metres and cover an area of 35 square kilometres. Each turbine will be up to 115 metres tall at its highest point, with a minimum clearance above sea level of 22 metres. The distance between turbines would be approximately 500 metres along rows and 800 metres between rows.


Source: vattenfall, July 01, 2010;