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Bibby WaveMaster 1
Bibby Marine Services
Image of Bibby WaveMaster 1
  • Type:
    Service Operations Vessel (SOV) with Walk to Work (W2W)
  • Length (m):
  • Deck Area (m2):
    425 + 390
  • Crane:
    Knuckle boom crane 2t/AHC/5t
  • Engines:
  • Propulsion:
    2x electric motors 2,150kW each; 2x FP propellers; 2x fixed bow thrusters; 1x retractable thruster
  • Year of build:
  • Accommodation details:
    90 persons
  • Helideck:
    Yes, on main desk D factor 21m, take-off weight 12t
  • Other:
    3x CTV landing points with CTV refuelling. Daughter craft 11m
  • Speed:
    13 knots
  • Transfer System:
    Uptime motion compensated gangway system linked to multi-stop elevator to provide stepless approach to logistics flows
  • Recreation facilities:
    6x Offices, 5x meeting/conference rooms for charterers use, 2x recreation dayrooms, reception room, hospital, drying rooms (M/F), changing rooms (M/F), wellness area (gym and sauna)
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