Sif Netherlands B.V.

Shaping tomorrow. Performing today.

Sif was founded in 1948 and is among the largest steel tubular manufacturers for offshore foundations for wind farms and oil & gas platforms. The offshore market is continuously changing. This requires vision and innovation that shape future developments. At the same time, we recognise that we have to perform every day. Sif has proved itself as a reliable business partner because Sif is already meeting these challenges today.

Sif Netherlands B.V.

We continue to invest in new technologies, production capacity and future-proof production facilities. In addition, in the 70 years of history, more than 1,700 foundations have been produced for offshore wind and oil & gas. Sif is responsible for delivering large components of practical every major oil & gas jacket foundation. This, together with our agile approach, makes us a strong player and reliable partner in the market. We are involved at a very early stage at all levels to ensure an optimal total cost solution for our customers. We shape product design to meet the highest demands. Additionally we know the importance of on time delivery and that’s why we attach great importance to process optimisation and strategic partnerships, enabling us to ensure our promise: delivering quality on-time.

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Sif Headquarters Roermond
Mijnheerkensweg 33
6041 TA Roermond
The Netherlands

Sif Maasvlakte
Harbour number 8322
Pieter van Vollenhovenweg 101
3199 KV Maasvlakte Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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