Sif and Ballast Nedam Sign Offshore Wind Decommissioning Agreement

The Dutch offshore wind foundation manufacturer, Sif, and its compatriot Ballast Nedam have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) as part of the process of developing a joint venture that specialises in the decommissioning of obsolete and aged offshore wind farms.

Sif (Illustration)

Named BNS Decom, the joint venture intends to serve as the ultimate, turnkey solution provider for asset owners, Sif said.

In the proposed collaboration, Ballast Nedam takes care of all offshore operations, while Sif aims to take charge of receiving and processing decommissioned components for further re-use and recycling.

Sif said that it will take years before a substantial number of wind farms is due for decommissioning, but the companies believe that they need to be prepared for this expected market.

Converting old monopiles into green steel plates for new monopiles is an important step towards a sustainable and circular future in offshore wind, according to Sif.

Sif was founded in 1948 and is among the largest steel tubular manufacturers for offshore foundations for wind farms and oil & gas platforms. 

Today, the company employs over 600 people at two manufacturing sites in the Netherlands: Roermond and Maasvlakte 2, near Rotterdam.

Last year, Sif made a Final Investment Decision to construct the world’s largest monopile foundation manufacturing plant in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The plant will be built at the 62-hectare Maasvlakte 2 site in Rotterdam as an extension of Sif’s existing facilities.

When it comes to Ballast Nedam Offshore, the Dutch-based construction and engineering company is headquartered in Nieuwegein.

Ballast Nedam Offshore is specialised in designing and constructing wind farm foundations and park cabling at nearshore locations in particular. The company installed turbine foundations for the Maasvlakte 2 onshore wind farm in 2022 and is also responsible for the replacement of 28 obsolete wind turbines with 24 powerful units at the Windplanblauw wind energy project in Flevoland, the Netherlands.


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