Japan’s Kansai Comes Onboard Norwegian Floating Offshore Wind Project

Japanese utility, the Kansai Electric Power Company (Kansai), has joined the Source Galileo, Odfjell Oceanwind, and Vår Energi partnership which is developing a floating offshore wind project at the Goliat platform outside Hammerfest in Norway.

GoliatVind illustration; Source: Vår Energi

Located approximately 95 kilometres from Hammerfest at a depth of 300-400 metres, the GoliatVIND floating offshore wind project could add 320 GWh of renewable energy to the Hammerfest region.

Currently, there are plans for five floating wind turbines of 15 each, said Odfjell, with the project being planned to be put into operation in 2027.

The offshore wind farm will be connected to the Goliat platform, utilising the existing power cable to shore. The purpose of the project is to demonstrate floating offshore wind technology in Norway, as well as increased production of renewable energy in a region that has a large and growing need for electricity, said Odfjell.

According to the company, everything is in place for GoliatVIND and the project does not require any new major interventions on land.

“Such electrification projects with offshore wind will accelerate the development of Norwegian supply chains and develop an export industry. It will make us ready for larger developments of floating offshore wind, such as Utsira Nord in 2030,” said Odfjell.

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Kansai’s role in the GoliatVIND consortium is to contribute actively with their knowledge of interfaces and high-voltage systems, as well as their experience with procurement and financial planning.

“Having Kansai join the team is really great. Their operational expertise and financial strength will help us accelerate floating offshore wind in Norway”, said Gunnar Birkeland, CEO of Source Galileo Norge.

The company is already involved in the Utsira Nord application, together with Source Galileo, Odfjell Oceanwind, and Ingka Investments – IKEA’s investment arm. 


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