Sany Enters Offshore Wind Market, Unveils 9 MW Wind Turbine

Chinese engineering company Sany Renewable Energy launched its 9 MW offshore wind turbine during a ceremony at Sany Wind Power Equipment Industrial Base in Dongying.

Sany Renewable Energy

The unit is 13.6 metres long, 4.1 metres high, and 9 MW in capacity. According to the company, it only took 45 days from the beginning of construction until the launch of the first offshore unit.

This offshore wind turbine is the first Sany Renewable Energy unit to be marketed in Dongying, and it marks Sany’s official entry into the offshore wind power business.

The wind turbine has a swept area of nearly 40,000 square metres, which is equal to six conventional football fields, and a rotor diameter of 230 metres.

The unit is intended for low and medium wind speeds, with yearly average wind speeds of approximately 7.5 m/s.

The nacelle has a doubly-fed generator, anti-corrosion, and dehumidification technology to cope with challenging offshore conditions.

Sany Renewable Energy said that by the use of advanced control algorithms and structural optimisation, the company achieves a lightweight design from the wind turbine blades to the nacelle, which also lowers the cost of transportation and installation.

The firm plans to place the turbine in waters 20 metres deep north of the Yangtze River in northern China.

In January, CSSC Haizhuang Wind Power, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, rolled out the nacelle of the H260-18MW offshore wind turbine prototype.

That same month, Mingyang unveiled its next flagship offshore wind turbine – the MySE 18.X-28X which is said to be the epitome of Mingyang’s innovations and comprehensive upgrade on the hybrid-drive technology.

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