Boa Barge 33 Hired for World’s First Energy Island

TM Edison, a joint venture between Jan De Nul and DEME that was just awarded the tender to build the world’s first artificial energy island in Belgium, has contracted Norwegian company BOA for the launching of 23 concrete caisson foundations for the energy island.

Boa Barge 33; Photo source: BOA

For the work, BOA will provide the semi-submersible Boa Barge 33, modified to manage load-outs of extreme weights over the stern, with the operations due to commence during Spring 2024.

Boa Barge 33; Photo source: BOA

The vessel, which is tasked with deploying caissons weighing up to 22,400 tonnes, has the ability to submerge up to 21.5 metres of water above deck. Boa Barge 33 has a uniform deck strength of 31.5 t/m2 and a free deck are 5,800 m2 and can accommodate the load-out and float-off of heavy loads, making this barge one of the most capable of its type, the vessel owner says.

Belgium’s transmission system operator (TSO) Elia, which opened the tender for the construction of Princess Elisabeth Island in January last year, awarded the contract to the Jan De Nul-DEME joint venture this month.

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The construction of the island will start in early 2024 and will continue until August 2026. The caissons, which will form the contours of the island, will be built and installed in 2024 and 2025. After that, the base of the island will be raised and prepared for the construction of the electrical infrastructure which will be connected with the new offshore wind farms in the 3.5 GW Princess Elisabeth offshore wind zone and with the Elia onshore grid.


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