VIDEO: The Roadmap of Hydrogen Conference at OEEC2022

In the hydrogen session during Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference pioneers from different markets share their experiences. Challenges when it comes to innovation, infrastructure and regulation are discussed and views are shared on the roadmap towards a hydrogen economy. What are the opportunities for the supply chain in this transition? During a panel discussions and presentations stakeholders tell the story on how hydrogen is going to be integrated in our lives. What are the current challenges on the clean and green hydrogen production side, and what are the possible solutions? The participants of this session are Wouter den Boer of C-Job Naval Architects, Peter Wells of LH2 Europe, Lennart van der Burg of TNO and Martin Kjäll-Ohlsson of HydePoint. Canan Acar, Assistant Professor of the University of Twente is the moderator of this session.

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