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Fugro Secures Danish Geotechnical Survey Contract

Fugro has signed a contract with Energinet, the Danish transmission system operator, for geotechnical site investigation for the North Sea I offshore wind development.

Fugro engineers retrieving core samples; these will be processed and laboratory tested to understand sub-surface soil conditions

The Danish government plans to expand offshore wind capacity by 4 GW by 2030, and the geo-data acquired by Fugro will be used to inform future bids in the area.

Fugro’s geo-data should provide insights on the seabed and sub-surface conditions, helping developers make informed decisions on where best to position the wind turbines and export cables.

Fieldwork will start in 2024, mobilising multiple Fugro’s geotechnical vessels equipped with investigation tools such as the SEACALF Mk V Deepdrive system for seabed cone penetration tests and the WISON Mk V Ecodrive.

The geotechnical site investigation is expected to continue well into 2025, with further processing, laboratory testing, and reporting of results to follow.

This award follows the company’s success working on the North Sea Energy Islands project for Energinet throughout 2022.

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“This award is in line with the strong growth in Fugro‚Äôs offshore wind activities during the past quarters. Our unique positioning is emphasised by clients seeking to secure capacity, also beyond the coming 12 months”, said Erik-Jan Bijvank, Fugro’s Group Director Europe & Africa.

North Sea I site is one of four sites the Danish Energy Agency designated after a fine screening and conclusion that the areas are suitable for setting up offshore wind farms.

In September, Energinet gave the green light to carry out feasibility studies for four new offshore wind farms totalling up to 7.2 GW in capacity.

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North Sea offshore wind farm will have an installed capacity of up to 2 GW and is planned to be built by 2030.

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