Danish Energy Agency

Further Six Danish ‘Open Door’ Applications Progress to Regulatory Consultation

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) has sent six new offshore wind applications received through its open door scheme for regulatory consultation.

Danish Energy Agency

From 4 April to 30 August, DEA received 47 applications, of which 16 have been rejected due to overlap with state land reservations.

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Of the remaining 31 applications, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), European Energy, and Andel account for most of the projects.

DEA will now send a further six applications for regulatory consultation.

The new applications are located in areas 1-3, 7, 11, and 12 as shown on the map and on the Danish Energy Agency’s website.

Source: The Danish Energy Agency

In July, DEA announced that it had received a number of applications for offshore wind projects with a capacity of more than 1 GW each, several of which are located far from the coast.

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The Agency has confirmed that these projects are covered by the rules of the open door scheme and will therefore proceed with the examination of the applications which includes consultation with the authorities.

The final decision on whether a project can be granted a feasibility study will depend on an assessment, in which a number of different factors will be taken into account, including environmental, nature, safety, shipping, fisheries, or planning considerations in relation to the overall development of offshore wind turbines, the extent of wind resources, and considerations of overall grid planning, etc.

Granting a feasibility study permit does not imply that permission is given to build an offshore wind farm at the given location, but only that studies necessary for the project can be carried out.

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