Watch: DemoSATH Fully Assembled and Ready for Installation

The DemoSATH floating wind turbine is now fully assembled and ready to soon be installed at the BiMEP test area offshore Spain.

Saitec Offshore Technologies

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The transition piece, tower, hub, rotor, nacelle, and blades were mounted on the SATH platform as part of the construction activities for the DemoSATH project in the Port of Bilbao.

Spanish company Ferrovial was in charge of the manufacturing and assembly of the DemoSATH floating wind turbine.

“This in situ installation operation has the potential to reduce costs and meet strict execution deadlines. Two key elements of this demonstration project”, said Saitec Offshore Technologies, the developer of the floating foundation who is working together with RWE on the DemoSATH project.

Saitec’s SATH (Swinging Around Twin Hull) technology is based on a concrete platform concept with a plug-and-play Single Point Mooring, the same technology used for FPSOs. The base of the structure is approximately 30 metres wide and 64 metres long.

The fully assembled floating wind turbine will be towed to its anchorage point in a the BiMEP test site some three kilometres off the Basque coast, where the sea is about 85 metres deep.

There, Maersk Supply Service installed six mooring lines, comprised of hybrid lines of chain and fibre rope, and six drag anchors in early May.

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DemoSATH’s concrete floating foundation, which carries a used 2 MW wind turbine, has been under construction since 2020.

Once producing electricity, DemoSATH will have the potential to power the equivalent of 2,000 homes.

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