Mingyang Rolls Out 111.5-Metre Anti-Typhoon Wind Turbine Blade

Wind turbine manufacturer Mingyang Smart Energy has rolled out the first 111.5-metre, anti-typhoon blade at its production facility in Yangjiang, China.

Mingyang Smart Energy

The blade, described as Asia’s longest anti-typhoon offshore blade, is Mingyang’s first in the 100+ metre range.

Source: Mingyang Smart Energy

The company’s most powerful commercially available offshore wind turbine, the MySE11-203, features 99-metre blades.

”Mingyang’s technology, such as carbon fiber, airfoils and multi-web design, plays key role in defining the 111.5m blade’s high aerodynamic performance, strength and reliability. In the process, the blade underwent thorough lightning simulation tests to ensure optimal reliability and safety against lightening as well,” the turbine maker said in a social media post.

Source: Mingyang Smart Energy

The 111.5-metre blade will most likely be fitted on the company’s recently launched MySE 12 MW hybrid drive, typhoon-resistant offshore wind turbine.

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MySE 12 MW is certified by the China General Certification Center (CGC) and is an upgrade to the 11 MW platform.

In August 2021, the company also launched the MySE 16.0-242, said to be the world’s largest hybrid drive wind turbine with a nameplate capacity of 16 MW. This turbine will feature 118-metre blades.

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