Geological Models Sought for Danish Energy Island Offshore Wind Farms

Danish transmission system operator Energinet has issued a contract notice for the provision of integrated geological models for offshore wind farms related to the Energy Island projects.

Denmark’s Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities

Denmark plans to build an artificial Energy Island in the North Sea and another Energy Island on the existing Bornholm Island in the Baltic Sea.

The North Sea Energy Island will include an offshore wind farm with a capacity of 3 GW that is scheduled to be in operation by 2030.

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The Baltic Sea Energy Island will include two offshore wind farms – Bornholm 1 and Bornholm 2 – with a combined capacity of 2 GW.

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The tender is divided into two lots. Lot 1 covers the North Sea wind farm, and Lot 2 covers the two wind farms in the Baltic Sea. The combined value of the two lots is EUR 600,000.

The integrated geological models will be based on the results of geophysical surveys of the offshore wind farm sites and preliminary geotechnical investigations.

The models will be issued to companies and entities which are applying for the licence to develop and construct the offshore wind farms, in order to inform them about the geology, the associated geotechnical properties, and potential geohazards in the nominated offshore wind farm areas.

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The tender remains open until 21 April.

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