Extended Siemens Ro-Ro Ready for Larger Wind Turbine Parts

Holland Shipyards Group has completed the upgrades to the roll-on/roll-off (Ro-Ro) vessel, Rotra Mare, extending it from 141.6 metres to 153.2 metres to make room for the ever-growing turbine parts.

Holland Shipyards Group
Source: Holland Shipyards Group

The manager of the vessel, Amasus Shipping, commissioned Holland Shipyards Group to extend the heavy transport vessel by 11.60 metres in collaboration with Niestern Sander.

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To achieve that, a new section was built. For this purpose the vessel was cut in half, the bow floated out of the dry dock and the new section was placed in between. Then, the new section was adapted to the aft ship in the dry dock, after which the dock was lowered for the attachment of the foreship.

While the Rotra Mare was undergoing construction, Holland Shipyards Group was also working on the conversion of its sister vessel, the Rotra Vente, which was delivered to Siemens Wind Power in 2016.

The conversion includes the installation of new sponsons on both sides of the vessel to increase the deck width to 23.6 metres. The lifted bow will also be raised in order to be able to load the next generation of larger wind turbines.

The Rotra Vente vessel is expected to enter service in March 2022. Both vessels are owned and operated by Siemens.

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