Apollo vessel installing first SeaMade wind turbine

DEME Bidding in ScotWind Leasing Round

A consortium comprising DEME Concessions, Qair Marine, and Aspiravi International is bidding in Crown Estate Scotland’s ScotWind seabed leasing process, DEME reported on 13 September.

DEME; Illustration (archive)

Along with offshore wind development, the consortium, called Thistle Wind Partners (TWP), will also actively explore the role of green hydrogen in their projects in Scotland.

TWP has already carried out early development works to ensure efficient project delivery and supplier engagement, according to DEME.

The partners have undertaken an extensive assessment of the environmental and technical aspects of the ScotWind sites, and have also conducted focused site-specific technology optioneering, in-depth evaluation of the current and planned grid capacity infrastructure, and developed a comprehensive risk mitigation plan.

Furthermore, the consortium said it would be actively engaging with communities and businesses in the coming months to understand local capabilities.

“Focus will be given to breaking down barriers to new entrants to the labour force, newly qualified workers and energy transition job creation, all the while ensuring, through investment, that Scottish ports are ready and in the best position to seize the offshore wind pipeline of opportunities”, DEME stated in a press release.

In July, several days after the application period for ScotWind closed, Crown Estate Scotland reported that it had received 74 applications for 15 areas of seabed available for development through the Scottish Government’s Sectoral Marine Plan for Offshore Wind Energy.

The Scottish seabed manager plans to make initial offers for the first option agreements to successful applicants in January 2022.