World’s Largest Offshore Converter Station Sets Sail

The world’s largest offshore converter station has set sail from Nantong and is en route to the Jiangsu Rudong offshore wind project in China’s Yellow Sea.

World's Largest Offshore Converter Station Sets Sail
CTG/Wang Lei

The topside is expected to arrive at the site on 11 July, according to China Three Gorges Renewables, the developer of the project.

After the Three Gorges Rudong converter station is put into operation, it will gather a total of 1,100 MW of electricity from the Rudong offshore wind farm, convert it into DC power, and transmit it to land through submarine cables, China Three Gorges said.

This will be the first time the flexible DC transmission technology is used on an offshore wind project in Asia, according to the developer.

The converter station weighs 22,000 tons and is as tall as a 15-storey residential building, according to the developer.

Due to the weight of the unit, China Three Gorges will utilise a floating tow installation method, using the ships’ ballast and natural tides during the process.

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The Rudong offshore wind farm comprises three areas: the 300 MW H8, the 400 MW H6, and the 400 MW H10.

Rudong H6
Source: CTG

Back in June, China Three Gorges Renewables completed the installation of the 100 single-pile foundations at the H6 phase.

The 100 4 MW turbines at H6 are expected to be commissioned by the end of 2021.

Once fully commissioned, the 1.1 GW Rudong offshore wind farm will produce 2.4 billion kWh annually, according to CTG.