Ocergy floating wind and data buoy platforms

Global Energy Group Joins Scottish Floating Wind Project

Salamander Floating Wind, a joint venture between Simply Blue Energy and Subsea 7, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Global Energy Group (GEG) to collaborate on the Salamander project.

Ocergy; Floating wind technology to be used for the Salamander project, for which the developer said it planned to maximise the floating platform content that can be placed within the Scottish supply chain.

Specifically, the MOU will see GEG and the developer collaborating in the design, development and execution planning of the floating wind farm in Scotland.

The agreement follows the recent partnerships Simply Blue Energy established for the project, including entering the joint venture with Subsea 7 and a collaboration agreement with Ocergy to evaluate how its foundation technology can be deployed within the project.

“The collaboration agreement signed with GEG is the culmination of a broad engagement with the Scottish supply chain undertaken by the Salamander project in the last 6 months, including a seminar with the DeepWind cluster members”, Salamander Floating Wind said in a press release.

“Salamander and GEG intend to work side-by-side to ensure that the project is developed in a way to maximise the floating platform content that can be placed within the Scottish supply chain”.

The aim of the up to 200 MW project is to provide a ‘stepping-stone’ to bridge the gap between current demonstrator projects and the future commercial projects leased in the ScotWind process, according to the developer. The project is intended to provide a firm pipeline for Scottish supply chain and to demonstrate the ability to achieve a significant amount of local content, Simply Blue Energy said.

Salamander will focus on developing the pre-commercial project of up to 200 MW off the North East Coast of Scotland and, as the concept matures, it is anticipated that a strategic investor will be sought to support the execution of the project.