Ørsted Charters First Two WINDFLEX-27 CTVs

Opus Marine GmbH has acquired two WINDFLEX-27 Crew Transfer Vessels, Valkyrie and Wotan, which will start working with Ørsted in Taiwan shortly.

The CTVs were designed by Incat Crowther and built as stock vessels by Penguin Shipyard, a unit of Singapore-based Penguin International Limited.

Ørsted Charters First Two WINDFLEX-27 CTVs
Source: Incat Crowther

The WINDFLEX-27 is a development within Incat Crowther’s Sea Sherpa design portfolio. In addition to European flag state compliance, Incat Crowther’s Sea Sherpa designs are fully compliant with US, Taiwan and Japanese flag state requirements.

The design’s 27m by 9m platform sports a deadweight capacity in excess of 50 tonnes, Incat Crowther said.

The vessel features two working decks. A large working deck forward can accommodate up to 4 x 10ft containers or 2 x 20 ft and is equipped with a deck crane. The aft deck can accommodate a 10ft container. Both decks feature multiple tie-down points for flexibility.

Inside the main cabin is a large wet room with multiple showers, toilets and lockers. The main deck passenger space is large and open, with forward visibility, seating up to 24 personnel in business class seats.

The upper deck features an elevated wheelhouse with commanding views over the bow for safe transfer operations. Behind the wheelhouse is a crew space with mess, bathroom and twin cabin.

The twin hulls feature two single crew cabins per side and bathrooms. All accommodation is MLC compliant.

Valkyrie and Wotan, the first two WINDFLEX-27 CTVs built by Penguin Shipyard, are powered by quad Scania DI16 077M, with each engine producing 662kW. Propulsion is via quad Hamilton 521 waterjets, enabling the vessel to achieve speeds of up to 30 knots. The waterjets utilize Hamilton’s JETanchor system fitted as standard.

Penguin shipyard has a further two WINDFLEX-27s under construction.