NKT Snags Several Contracts with Elia, 50Hertz, Nemo Link

NKT has been awarded five-year agreements by Elia, 50Hertz, and Nemo Link for service works on their offshore assets, following competitive tendering procedures.

The agreements cover several export cables connecting offshore wind parks to the onshore grid, and the interconnector Nemo Link connecting Belgium and the UK.

“NKT has entered into service agreements with Elia, 50Hertz and Nemo Link with the purpose to ensure efficient integration of energy into the Belgian, UK and German power grid”, the company stated in a press release. “With the agreements, NKT and the three grid operators join forces to ensure minimum downtime in case of unpredicted damages to the assets included”.

For Elia and 50Hertz’s assets, the company will ensure offshore repair preparedness, including inspection and maintenance of spare parts, vessel support for fault localisation, offshore cable handling, offshore cable jointing work as well as engineering.

NKT said that an integral part of the agreements was also the vessel mobilisation guarantee.

Under the agreement with Nemo Link, the company will carry out all cable repair logistics.

“As the world moves towards green energy, the uptime of power cable connections become increasingly important to ensure efficient usage of the renewable energy produces. With these agreements, we are well prepared to support Elia, 50Hertz and Nemo Link with a fast response in the event of power cable damage. With the contracts, we once again demonstrate our leading market position as cable service provider for own as well as third party cables”, said Axel Barnekow-Widmark, Executive Vice President and Head of Service & Installation at NKT.

To carry out the work, the company will be providing its jointing technicians as well as suitable vessels, equipment and tools. NKT also highlighted that the work will be performed in accordance with tailored repair preparedness plans designed by the company itself to ensure a quick mobilisation in case of damages to the offshore power cables.

NOTE: This article was corrected and updated on 26 November, after receiving up-to-date information from NKT on the latest contracts. 

Photo: NKT; Illustration (archive)