Fugro Ready With Hollandse Kust West Geotechnical Data

Fugro has completed the geotechnical survey operations at the Hollandse Kust (West) offshore wind farm zone in the Netherlands.

The activities included mapping the bathymetry, the shallow geology and identifying existing infrastructure.

An extensive intrusive campaign followed with hundreds of CPTs, seismic CPTs and boreholes. Subsequently, a year’s worth of laboratory tests was executed, RVO.nl said.

According to the Dutch agency, in-depth interpretations were performed to build bridges between geophysics and geotechnics.

The results will provide tenderers with the ability to further de-risk their wind farm development. Additional boreholes should not be required by the winner of the HKW permit tender, as sufficient sample material will be remaining.

RVO.nl and Fugro will publicly disclose the results in two webinars. The first will be held on 5 November, when the results of the geophysical and geotechnical surveys, including the geological model, will be presented.

The resulting geotechnical ground model will be discussed on 19 November. This webinar will also cover the geotechnical parameters report and will present the results of applying technology to derive synthetic (predicted) CPT profiles across the project area by linking ultra-high-resolution geophysical data with geotechnical data.

The call for tender for Hollandse Kust (West) is expected in the second quarter of 2021.

The wind farm zone is located 51 km off the west coast of the Netherlands and comprises two 760 MW lots covering approximately 349 km2.

Photo: RVO.nl