Denmark: For Every 1 GW of Offshore Wind, 14,600 FTE Jobs Secured

A new study in Denmark, published on 26 June, says that every 1 GW of offshore wind set up in Denmark secures 14,600 full-time jobs.

Danish Wind Energy Association (Illustration)

The study, released by Danish Shipping, Danish Energy and Wind Denmark, has investigated what investments in offshore wind can create in terms of employment throughout the value chain, from production of an wind turbine turbine to decommissioning of an offshore wind farm some 25 years later.

“A decision to invest in offshore wind is not just a decision to ensure a greener energy production. It is also a decision to secure thousands of full-time equivalent jobs for Danish companies”, Danish Shipping states in a press release.

An offshore wind farm of the size of Thor and large enough to supply around one million households with electricity, would bring 4,900 man-years directly related to the offshore wind farm, while indirect man-years associated with the offshore wind farm would provide approximately 9,600 full-time equivalent jobs.

“We now state that offshore wind must be Denmark’s number one position of strength. Our maritime territory offers opportunities to produce endless amounts of cheap green electricity and power-to-x fuels for the benefit of Danish business and trade, of Danish job creation and of Europe’s entire green transition”, said Lars Aagaard, CEO, Danish Energy.

Investments in offshore wind abroad can be very lucrative for Danish companies, the study says, as Danish companies now hold a 40 per cent market share of offshore wind in the EU.