Viking Link Marine Warranty Surveyors Wanted

Denmark’s Energinet has issued a contract notice seeking Marine Warranty Surveyors for the 1,400MW Viking Link interconnector, the first high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) link between Great Britain and Denmark.

Viking Link is a joint project of Energinet and the UK’s National Grid Viking Link Limited.

The tender concerns consultants working onboard the cable laying vessels as Marine Warranty Surveyors for the full duration of the cable laying campaigns.

The tendered contract will comprise two Marine Warranty Surveyors who shall be working in shifts during the survey, so that one will take over for the other upon crew change, Energinet said.

The tender remains open until 4 March.

Scheduled to begin commercial operation at the end of 2023, Viking Link will be a 760km long DC interconnector line between Revsing in southern Jutland, Denmark, and Bicker Fen in Lincolnshire, UK.

Prysmian Group is in charge of providing 1,250km cable for the project’s submarine route and all of the approximately 135km of land cables on the UK side.

NKT will manufacture and deliver the onshore cables to be installed in Denmark. Siemens will deliver two converter stations for the 1,400MW interconnector.

The HVDC interconnector will operate at ± 525 kV DC and will allow up to 1,400MW of power to be transferred between the two countries passing through UK, Dutch, German and Danish waters.