Avangrid Renewables Seeks Permit for Kitty Hawk Metocean Study

Avangrid Renewables has submitted an application to the US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) for permission to install equipment to measure wind speeds and sea conditions at the Kitty Hawk offshore wind lease off North Carolina.

Avangrid Renewables

The permission is expected to be granted in spring 2020, Iberdrola, Avangrid Renewables’ parent company, said.

The developer completed geophysical surveys in the area where the first phase of the project will be sited earlier this month.

The surveys included multibeam bathymetry, magnetic measurements, side scan sonar imaging, seabed stratigraphy, benthic sediment sampling and video imaging to characterize seabed/sub-surface conditions at the site.

Avangrid Renewables secured the rights to develop the 122,405-acre lease area offshore Kitty Hawk in May 2017.

The lease area has a potential generating capacity of 1,486MW.