IHC IQIP Turns Offshore Installation Silent Mode On

IHC IQIP has developed a new dampening system add-on said to considerably reduce noise levels during the installation of offshore wind foundations.

The system, called Pulse, reduces noise levels at the source creating an environmentally friendly installation while being positioned between hammer and sleeve.

According to IHC IQIP, it reduces the Sound Equivalent Level (SEL) from 3 to 6dB, the Sound Peak Pressure Level (SPL) from 9 to 12dB and offers flexible dampening.

The system dampens impacts and noise with two hydraulic plungers. The volume between the plungers can be filled with water. During pile driving operations, the system can be turned on or off by adding more or less water, which controls the impact characteristic reducing noise at the source, the Dutch company explains.

Using Pulse in a combination with a noise mitigation system eliminates the need for a Big Bubble Curtain (BBC), which is said to increase the efficiency of the operation without additional costs.

IHC IQIP said the technology has undergone testing at its site and is now ready for market deployment.

The company recently revealed it is investing in the BLUE Piling technology for driving the foundation piles of offshore wind turbines into the seabed citing it “has a big future” and is a logical step in the further development of the sector.

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