Belgian Citizens Can Now Invest in Offshore Wind Farms

The Limburg investment holding company Nuhma has launched a cooperative through which Belgian citizens and partnerships can now invest in offshore wind projects Nuhma is involved in.


The first company in which the general public can invest via the ECO2050 cooperative is Z-Kracht.

Z-Kracht, a division of Nuhma, holds shares in and has financed the operational wind farms C-Power and Rentel.

In addition, Z-Kracht is financing the SeaMade wind farm that is currently under development and is scheduled to be operational in 2020.

Belgian citizens and partnerships can invest from EUR 50 for one share, up to a maximum of 1,000 shares or EUR 50,000 per cooperative, Nuhma said.

ECO2050 itself will not have a direct interest in offshore wind farms. The cooperative will use a subordinated loan to invest in Z-Kracht. The interest on that loan will vary. ECO2050 will receive an interest rate of 6 percent during the construction phase. For operational projects, the interest rates will fluctuate between 4 percent and 6 percent, depending on how much wind energy is produced.