Elia Gives MOG Construction Update

The topside of Elia’s OffshoreSwitchYard (OSY) platform is expected to be installed on its jacket foundation in the Belgian North Sea in mid-April, the Belgian energy company said.


The OSY platform, constructed by Heerema Fabrication Group, is the centerpiece of Elia’s EUR 400 million Modular Offshore Grid (MOG) project through which Rentel, Northwester 2, and SeaMade offshore wind farms will be connected to the Belgian grid.

The cable that will connect MOG to the onshore grid has arrived from Greece to Vlissingen in the Netherlands onboard DEME Group’s Living Stone.

The Living Stone is expected to start the installation of the cable in April, Elia said. The cable was produced by Hellenic Cables who acted as a subcontractor for DEME Group.

Tests will begin in August and the MOG platform is expected to be commissioned by the end of the year, Elia said.

MOG is located approximately 40km from the coast of Zeebrugge. Two direct submarine 220kV cables and one cable via the Rentel wind farm will link the OSY platform with the Stevin substation in Zeebrugge.

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