Vesterhav Nord Faces Additional EIA Process

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) has initiated an additional environmental impact assessment (EIA) process for Vattenfall’s Vesterhav Nord offshore wind farm.

Danish Energy Agency

The decision comes after Vattenfall submitted a complaint to the agency on 12 March requesting the EIA procedure to be reinitiated.

Vattenfall now must prepare an EIA supplement, while the process will follow the general procedure proposed by the current environmental regulations.

The agency said it currently cannot indicate how long the supplementary EIA process will take as it depends on Vattenfall.

At the beginning of February, DEA initiated a new EIA process for Vattenfall’s Vesterhav Syd offshore wind farm due to a cancelation of a part of its license for the project construction.

Since Vesterhav Syd and Vesterhav Nord have to undergo a renewed EIA process, there will be two publicity phases for both projects, including 8 weeks of consultation on the EIA supplement.

The new processes will include the specific project and consultation process for the public interests involved, as well as a right to appeal.